Old Town Beerun

Greensboro 3/20/2010 5.0 mi

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PlaceBib No.NameHometownSexAgeGun TimePace
10Finisher DetailsKEITH GRUCHACZ M2427:365:31
20Finisher DetailsNICK LIVERSEDGE M2627:485:34
30Finisher DetailsSTEVE COWIE M3328:095:38
40Finisher DetailsDAVID JOHNSON M2329:315:54
50Finisher DetailsMILTON MATHENY M4429:395:56
60Finisher DetailsRYAN RODD M2230:096:02
70Finisher DetailsDAN CURRY M5830:156:03
80Finisher DetailsJOE HALL M5230:176:03
90Finisher DetailsMOLLY NUNN F2631:226:16
100Finisher DetailsSCOTT DOUGLAS M4431:506:22
110Finisher DetailsMIKE TARRANT M2432:186:28
120Finisher DetailsBRYAN BETTS M3532:206:28
130Finisher DetailsDAVID GOODE M3032:346:31
140Finisher DetailsDAVID PHILPOTT M4732:586:36
150Finisher DetailsMARISA PIRIH F3233:186:40
160Finisher DetailsJUSTIN ZAPPIA M3633:226:40
170Finisher DetailsDAVID BARRETT M2833:356:43
180Finisher DetailsBOB SEEDLOCK M4234:186:52
190Finisher DetailsBRIAN LUNSFORD M3635:317:06
200Finisher DetailsJEFF WALTERS M3135:377:07
210Finisher DetailsTIM MULROONEY M3835:437:09
220Finisher DetailsAARON SAANDES M2835:447:09
230Finisher DetailsJESSICA WEBER F2435:567:11
240Finisher DetailsMARK SCHURMAN M3336:027:12
250Finisher DetailsSHAWN SEAWELL M5136:027:12
260Finisher DetailsTONY MCGRAW M3836:217:16
270Finisher DetailsCHARLIE DAVIS M3936:237:17
280Finisher DetailsTIM HARRIS M5536:437:21
290Finisher DetailsBRIAN TUMA M3236:547:23
300Finisher DetailsMARKUS GEBEL M3736:577:23
310Finisher DetailsHOLLIS OBERLIES F3936:597:24
320Finisher DetailsDANIEL LEIKER M2737:007:24
330Finisher DetailsTOM WEBER M5637:027:24
340Finisher DetailsKEITH FLOWE M4037:057:25
350Finisher DetailsOLAV RUEPPELL M3937:157:27
360Finisher DetailsBILLY ELLIOTT M3937:167:27
370Finisher DetailsTONY VICINO M3437:167:27
380Finisher DetailsBRYAN SMITH M3937:357:31
390Finisher DetailsCHRIS ZIMMER M3037:457:33
400Finisher DetailsTORREY POHOLSKY M2337:477:33
410Finisher DetailsPATRICK DUFFY M4637:497:34
420Finisher DetailsMARK WEAR M3737:557:35
430Finisher DetailsWALTER PRADA M3837:567:35
440Finisher DetailsP BANDIT M038:027:36
450Finisher DetailsJOSH OLINICK M3338:077:37
460Finisher DetailsOLIVIA LANEY F3238:097:38
470Finisher DetailsDAVID RIVERD M3338:107:38
480Finisher DetailsSARAH WILSON F2438:237:41
490Finisher DetailsJESSE LAVELLE M1738:287:42
500Finisher DetailsDEVIN PETERS M1738:297:42
510Finisher DetailsDON DEMPSEY M5038:297:42
520Finisher DetailsCHRIS LAWSON M3638:407:44
530Finisher DetailsKAREN BUXTON F4738:417:44
540Finisher DetailsTHOMAS BURKE M2738:457:45
550Finisher DetailsJIM LARENTZOS M3138:477:45
560Finisher DetailsLOGAN BARBOUR M2238:497:46
570Finisher DetailsJAY YOUNG M3738:547:47
580Finisher DetailsTODD RUSH M3938:587:48
590Finisher DetailsTARA CATES F2739:027:48
600Finisher DetailsGARETH SPENSLEY M4139:107:50
610Finisher DetailsDAREK JOHNSON M2339:117:50
620Finisher DetailsJOHN DYSON M4539:117:50
630Finisher DetailsMAURICIO GRANADA M3439:197:52
640Finisher DetailsSTEVE BROWN M3539:237:53
650Finisher DetailsMARK MEHAFFEY M4439:387:56
660Finisher DetailsTODD BECK M4439:417:56
670Finisher DetailsLAWRENCE COX M3939:477:57
680Finisher DetailsJOHN CLARKIN M3939:537:59
690Finisher DetailsROSS CASEBERE M2940:018:00
700Finisher DetailsTOM SCHULTZ M5140:018:00
710Finisher DetailsJENNIFER SHOMO F3140:018:00
720Finisher DetailsJOHN VINE M5240:088:02
730Finisher DetailsBRIAN CREAN M4140:178:03
740Finisher DetailsWILL CAVINESS M3440:188:04
750Finisher DetailsBRONWYN CORRY F2740:208:04
760Finisher DetailsRICHARD JONES M4140:238:05
770Finisher DetailsJIM BOGGS M4140:238:05
780Finisher DetailsJEFF JONES M9940:248:05
790Finisher DetailsKEVIN RICE M3340:248:05
800Finisher DetailsJIM MULLINS M4540:258:05
810Finisher DetailsCARLOS WONG M3940:268:05
820Finisher DetailsMARTY BALLEW M4340:268:05
830Finisher DetailsDAVID BALLENGER M4440:278:05
840Finisher DetailsMOLLY MARKHAM F3040:308:06
850Finisher DetailsDAVID FULLWOOD M4140:328:06
860Finisher DetailsPARTICIPANT BANDIT M040:328:06
870Finisher DetailsCRAIG MCMINN M5140:378:07
880Finisher DetailsBRIAN COOK M4840:438:09
890Finisher DetailsTIM MILLER M2940:458:09
900Finisher DetailsPARTICIPANT BANDIT M9040:498:10
910Finisher DetailsSAM HILB M4640:508:10
920Finisher DetailsLAURA EYNON F2940:528:10
930Finisher DetailsKEVIN FREDERES M4040:578:11
940Finisher DetailsCLAIRE HASLAM F2940:588:12
950Finisher DetailsDEVENDER SELLERS M3040:598:12
960Finisher DetailsAMANDA WILLIAMS F2441:018:12
970Finisher DetailsTIM BATESON M3341:058:13
980Finisher DetailsJOHN COCKERHAM M2341:068:13
990Finisher DetailsDUNCAN JONES M3941:078:13
1000Finisher DetailsMARY MCELHANEY F4841:078:13
Finishers 1 to 100 of 560 Next 100 >>>