Owl's Roost Rumble Half Marathon

Greensboro, NC 27408 4/28/2012 13.1 mi »See also   3.5 mi 

Half Marathon Course Your run starts with approximately 1/2 mile on paved road. Now the fun starts... you will take a right onto Owl's Roost trail. Owl's Roost is 4.2 miles of single track mountain bike trail. You will have beautiful views of Lake Brandt but keep your eyes on the trail as Owl's Roost is full of roots, quick switch backs, and a skinny winding section we call the "Roller Coaster". There aren't any big hills on this section but plenty of small inclines to keep you honest. You will exit Owl's Roost onto a paved Greenway trail to catch your breathe and fill your belly with water. You'll have about 800 yards to catch your competition before entering Nat Greene trail. Nat Greene trail shares some of the same views of Lake Brandt... but you'll still need to watch for some roots and quick turns (although not as many as Owl's Roost). Nat Greene includes a few small hills... watch your speed on the downhills! This 3 mile trail will exit at the Marina on Lake Brandt road and you'll have another chance to grab some water and Gatorade. A quick run on Lake Brandt road (about 600 meters) will put you on Piedmont Trail. Piedmont Trail is about 3 miles long and is very flat (1 small incline). You'll have a few small water crossings and bridges to traverse along the way before exiting for a final kick. You'll exit Piedmont Trail and have about 400 meters of double-wide fire road to make your way to the final trail. You will take a right on Big Loop. Yes, it's an uphill finish on Big Loop which will be about 1 mile until you come to a field crossing to see the finish line. Please note, there are only 2 water stops on the half marathon course. Please plan appropriately, if you need more water, you will be required to carry it yourself.


Race Name
Owl's Roost Rumble Half Marathon
Bur Mil Park
5834 Owl's Roost Rd
Greensboro, NC 27408
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Last Year's Statistics

Total finishers 263
Female (%) 118 (44.9 %)
Male (%) 145 (55.1 %)
Top male DAVID ROCHE, 1:15:29
Top Female CAIT BEELER, 1:39:20
Top 40+ male WAYNE CREWS, 1:29:24
Top 40+ female JOAN MABE, 1:42:08
Average time 02:10:50

Past Results

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