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The 2013 race season is right around the corner. 

Dust off those running shoes and knock off the cobwebs.  But before you do it is always nice to look back at 2012 and see some of the top performances.  Did you know you can search our enture database and see top performances in your age group.  Simply visit http://www.bigfootrunning.com/Results/search
Here are the top 5 men and women's times for 2012...

Top 2012 Men
14:44 ANTHONY FAMIGLIETTI 9/21/2012 Rock the Block Moonlight Madness 5k
15:17 MICHAEL BANKS 11/22/2012 Greensboro Gobbler 5k
15:18 MATT ROWELL 9/29/2012 Flurry's Hope Blind Horse Rescue Run
15:27 JUSTIN GRAGG 7/4/2012 Kernersville Rotary Club 4th of July 5k
15:50 MIKE EARLE 10/6/2012 Athena's Run for GYN Cancers
15:56 MIKE EARLE 9/21/2012 Rock the Block Moonlight Madness 5k

Top 2012 Women
17:10 ADDIE BRACY 11/22/2012 Greensboro Gobbler 5k
17:54 NATALIE LAWRENCE 10/13/2012 5k on the Greenway
17:59 MOLLY NUNN 9/21/2012 Rock the Block Moonlight Madness 5k
17:59 NATALIE LAURENCE 12/2/2012 Kernersville Medical Center Frosty 5K
18:04 NATALIE LAWRENCE 9/21/2012 Rock the Block Moonlight Madness 5k

Looking forward to 2013...

We are going to highlight some of our favorite races.  First up is NC's best trail race, the Owls Roost Rumble.  Always a "best of" on all the lists.  Great course, volunteers and post race beer.  Check out this event at www.owlsroostrumble.com/a>